SuperLuxury Corporation


Our company’s operational principle is based on creating unique or otherwise exclusive events and experiences on a global scale. We can also be approached with any ideas you might have for realising your dreams and bringing the products of your imagination into life.The safety of our clients is our top priority. This is always attended to the best way possible. Our insurance policy also follows the same line, which means it is automatically included in the service we provide, not added on top as extra.

Please contact us by email or by sending us your quotation request. Due to the unique nature of our business, we will only disclose our more accurate contact details to those who have made contact by email, by quotation request or have otherwise proven their potential as a client.

We offer an entirely unique bespoke service. We do not disclose any confidential reference information such as names, pictures or other samples of our events. Super-Luxury Events is committed to protecting the privacy of our clients. Our contract terms are detailed and largely restrict any material to be used for other purposes than that of our clients. Our references come from the quality and reputation of our clients, staff, partners and consultants, the individual and unique nature of our service and our own reputation. We can offer superior quality experiences so unique they are hardly found in any other place in the world.

We do not advertise our services extensively as we wish to keep it as a special privilege for the selected few! A large majority of our new clients finds us through our excellent feedback record, through various viral marketing avenues or through our consultants in various highly esteemed positions.

The company has a global network of experts working in different fields, whose services are utilised according to the specifics of each assignment. We also have several ‘mobile’ offices around the world, which enables us to serve our clients the most efficient way possible.