Our Purpose Is To Create Magical Moments For You

The owners and core group of Super Luxury Events have earned their spurs during more than 18 years by organizing over 1100 events.

We are specialized in creating exclusive events to meet the most exclusive tastes. At Super Luxury Events, we make sure that everyone gets a royal treatment. Your life is unique and each moment is priceless and valuable. Therefore, we provide unforgettable experiences, something that is hard to even dream of.

Whether the requirement is for entirely unique experiences, exclusive first-class events, extreme adventures, top performers, the most spectacular hideaway places, exceptional artworks, the finest of luxury goods and vehicles, or anything else related to our service – we can guarantee the highest standard of super luxury.

We offer the highest level of service worldwide. Our staff and partners, a global team of over 2 000 experts, go to great lengths to give you the most unique and memorable of experiences, through our wide range of services.

Our client base comprises of wealthy private individuals, companies, royal families and celebrities. Over the past years, we have created a number of luxury events for countless people all over the world. Our mission is to offer the best quality service and tailor each project around the specific requirements of the client. This guarantees a perfect event that will remain in one’s memory for a lifetime. All of our projects are carried out with strict confidentiality and we respect the privacy of our clients. The scope of our service in super luxury class is virtually limitless; no challenge is too big for us. We pride ourselves by providing quick solutions for seemingly impossible tasks – miracles just take a little bit longer to realize.

We put all our effort and skill into our work. When the services of our international network are required, an advance deposit is required, which is refundable once the sale is final. Due to the bespoke nature of our business, we have no guide price list for our services. Luxury parties, events, and excursions can take anything from a few hours, days, weekends to weeks or longer. Special series of luxury events can go on for months or even years, in regular or irregular intervals.

We have created a truly new service concept and a level of super luxury. All for your pleasure and enjoyment! Virtually anything is possible, virtually anywhere.

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Prestige Road Star Trek




Secret Agent Academy




Arctic Fantasy




Lapland in Finland is what Swiss Alps are for Switzerland. A true luxury destination with world-class hotels and skiing centers. Pure snow, northern lights, magical evening skies with shining stars and full moons are the best, which Lapland can offer. Without forgetting nightless nights during the summertime. Silence, fresh air and pure nature can calm your mind from your busy lifestyle. We will give you adrenaline burst activities but there is also room for deep relaxation with special treats. Our luxury services differentiate from other providers because we arrange everything on a super luxury level in order to provide you unforgettable experiences.


Unique Archipelago Experience




Finland’s southwest archipelago is the most beautiful archipelago in the world and its known of its beautiful islands, sea lines, beaches, high rocks, and landscapes. The archipelago is a perfect place to arrange luxurious events, adventures, thrills, and memories through our five and seven-star packages.


Unique Super Luxury Events


Unique Super Luxury Events


You may have a wish to experience events as the first person in the world. That is the reason why we have a Unique Super Luxury Events level. We have created events, which are extremely unique in the luxury industry. These events are very exclusive, which other persons have never experienced. Are you willing to try something extremely extraordinary?


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“If birds can glide for long periods of time, then… why can’t I?”

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